Google Penalty Recovery

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If your business website has experienced a sudden and dramatic drop in search engine traffic or has dropped significantly in search rankings, then it’s quite possible you’ve been penalized by Google for one or more violations of their best-practice guidelines.

Google penalties can be grouped into two major categories.  Automated (or algorithmic) penalties, and Manually assigned penalties.  Of the two, the most serious, and the most difficult to address is the Manual penalty.

A manual penalty is assigned when someone at Google has been alerted to some type of violation related to your site.  Since this penalty can only be removed by a human, you must take corrective action and the submit a reconsideration request to Google proving you’ve done everything possible to redeem yourself, and then hope for the best.

For most small business owners working without professional assistance, the odds of successfully getting a manually penalty removed are not good.

A small business owner trying to do a DIY penalty removal is essentially the same as trying to defend yourself in court against a crime you didn’t commit–while acting as your own attorney.

The Google Penalty Removal service we provide consists of the following:

  • Identify areas where your website fails to meet Google’s guidelines
    • Duplicate or Plagiarized Content
    • Spammy Links
    • Keyword Stuffing
    • Over-Optimization
    • Poor Link Profiles (poor-quality or purchased backlinks)
    • On-Page Spam Violations (hidden-text, hidden links, cloaking)
    • And other applicable on-page/off-page factors
  • We’ll perform a thorough audit of your site to determine exactly WHY you were slapped by Google.
  • After the audit, we’ll put together a repair roadmap with specific, actionable tasks and procedures for correcting the issues and bringing your site back into compliance with Google’s standards.

If you think your website’s been hit with a Google penalty, don’t delay.  Give us a call.

Every minute you’re not visible on Google is taking a toll on your bottom line…

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