Live Lead Transfer System

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How it Works

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Picture your own business…

You have a visitor on your website.  A warm lead, almost ready to buy.

For the sake of demonstration, let’s assume your business is a car dealership.

On your dealership’s website, you have a complete list of your inventory, and next to each vehicle’s photo you have a form that says, “If you can see yourself in this car, enter your name, email, and phone number to get more info.”

Mind you, this is just an example.  You can enable Live Lead Transfer for ANY form on your website.  And it will work with almost ANY business’ website.

Now, back to our scenario.  After your prospect fills out the form and clicks the Submit Button, their contact information is INSTANTLY routed through our system. Our system then calls you or your designated sales rep.

The phone will start ringing at the car dealership (or you or your sales rep’s cellphone–your choice), you’ll hear a customizable, automated message stating something like “You have a Web Customer waiting for a callback, Press “1” now to connect.”

After you press “1,” the prospect’s phone starts ringing, they answer, and you’re talking to a red-hot lead.

…in fact, most of your prospects will STILL be on the same web page when they get the callback.

Your customers will be AMAZED at how fast you respond!

Sign Up Now for the $99 Trial Plan

(No Obligation or Automatic Re-billing)


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Add-On Packages

You can also opt for two additional features that will ensure your leads are promptly contacted and your sales staff’s performance is up to your standards.

Missed Call Text Alerts

With this optional feature, our system will alert you via text message if your sales person fails (or is unable) to answer their phone.  The text message will include the client’s name and their callback number.

Call Recording

With this option, every sales callback will be recorded**, so you’ll be able to revisit each call and monitor how well your sales reps are performing or identify any areas that need improvement.  You’ll receive a login/password to our site that grants you access to your business’ recordings.


** Maryland state law (and other states, check your local laws) requires both parties to consent to recording.  Our service is provided on assurances from the service subscriber that all sales reps inform their customers that the callback is being recorded and obtain the customers’ consent.

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Try it Out!


To test out the Live Lead Transfer System for yourself, please follow these instructions:

1. Enter your Sales Agent’s telephone number.  (This is for demo purposes and normally would not be entered by a website customer)

2. Enter a customer name

3. In the “phone number” field, enter the pretend “client’s” number

4. Click “Submit” and wait for the magic to happen.

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Live Lead Transfer System Demo

Fields marked with an * are required

Enter your sales agent's phone number to get started:

Note: To demo the missed-call text message feature, this must be a mobile number capable of receiving SMS messages.

Fill in the fields below to try it out!

This service works with almost any existing website form!

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